Why Safe Water

Why Quality Water?

Your city has to produce roughly 150 million gallons of water per day to keep up with current demand.  In order to keep this water clean and safe while in route to your home, a tremendous amount of chemicals are added for proper treatment.  As a result, the overflow of these chemicals is carried directly into your home or office in the form of tap water.

Stop the consumption of these chemicals and disinfection byproducts in your water with Gillece’s Water Filtering and Conditioning Systems.

Safeguard Your Health From Chemicals and Impurities

Did you ever stop to think that water is the only utility that we actually take internally – by drinking?  Unsafe water utilized for all functional purposes including drinking can wreak havoc on your health – inside and out.  Not to mention your loved ones or co-workers/employees.  The safety of your water is absolutely no longer something that should be overlooked or taken for granted. Chemicals in water, such as chlorine and disinfection byproducts, absorb quickly into your skin and hair, causing dryness, itchiness, and flakiness and have actually been associated with cancer.  Also, impurities found in water like bacteria, mold, and viral microorganisms can cause severe illness.  We can help to maintain the integrity of your health by removing these detrimental elements from the water that’s pouring from your faucets, hose, shower head, etc.

Get Better Performance Without Hard Water

Metals such as dissolved calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese contained in hard water can combine with other compounds creating annoying soap scum spots on dishes and leaving behind hard water scales or stains just about anywhere.  With this type of water, you will experience difficulty lathering and rinsing off body soap and shampoo, as well as decreased overall functionality of other cleaning products.  Your clothing may potentially wear out via your laundry machine up 30 times faster.  Deposits may form over time, clogging the plumbing through which water flows.  Additionally, water can sometimes taste bad or smell bad from hydrogen sulfide or other elevated levels of metal.  Quality water that has been conditioned becomes “softened” and is the right solution to quality water performance.

Protect Your Appliances Through Treated Water

Water that is not up to quality can actually damage or stop use of your water-using appliances due to the creation of scale build-up or deposits.  This is typically brought on by heated hard water and contributes to inefficient operation of your appliances, which can lead to very costly repairs.  You wouldn’t buy a new car and put ‘bad’ gas in it, would you?  It’s the same idea with your appliances and the water that runs through them.  Piping can become clogged by scale build-up, thereby reducing the flow of water and possibly requiring pipe replacement and additional plumbing.  It has been said that limescale has been known to increase an energy bill by up to 25%.  Additionally, did you know that Instantaneous Water Heaters require quality, softened water in order to work properly?  Protect your investments by controlling the quality of water that is moving through your pipes and related appliances.