The holidays should not involve bacteria, virus, algae, mold, lead, mercury… and, neither should your home drinking water!  Out of all of the utilities we utilize, water is the only one we consume internally by drinking.  How safe is yours?  Though the proper water authorities test and report our water for certain contaminants and impurities, it’s inevitable that some go untested and may pass through, which can lead to unpleasant and even dangerous qualities from itchy dry skin to more serious health conditions.

From cleaning clothes or washing dishes to taking a shower or drinking a glassful, water is one of the most vital components of our daily lives and should not be overlooked.  Gillece Services can help to make a difference with an inspection that reveals potential issues with the water that may be affecting the quality of its uses, as well as your own health.  Chlorine Water, Hard Water, Cloudy Water, and Water with a Bad Odor or Taste are all issues that Gillece Services can remedy.  We offer a variety of water cleansing and conditioning systemsto remove impurities, soften water, etc, that will make a noticeable improvement in the quality of water.

And, Gillece Services knows that budget is tight, especially around the holidays… which is why we offer Financing Options.  Upon credit approval, our Financing Options include a selection of payment plans with top financial banking institutions, capable of meeting your immediate needs, allowing your repair or improvement work to get done as soon as possible.