Gilley says, “Your Hard Water is Doing More Damage Than You May Realize – Call Gillece For Conditioning!”

Condition your hair.  Condition your body.  Condition your water??!!  Yes, condition your water; your household water.  Hard Water, water that needs conditioned, can be a detriment to your household in many ways.  Hard Water contains actual metals such as dissolved calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. When combined with other compounds, this can create annoying soap scum spots on dishes and leave behind ugly Hard Water scales or stains in your tubs, showers, etc.  With Hard Water usage, you will also experience difficulty lathering and then rinsing off body soaps and shampoos, as well as a lower functionality of other cleaning products.  Your clothing may even wear out in your laundry machine much more quickly than normal.  Hard Water can also sometimes taste bad or smell bad from hydrogen sulfide or other elevated levels of metal.

Hard Water scale build-up can form over time, clogging the plumbing through which your water flows.  And, water that is not up to quality can actually damage or prevent use of your water-using appliances due to the creation of scale build-up.  This is typically brought on by heated Hard Water and contributes to the inefficient operation of your appliances, which can lead to very costly repairs. Piping can become clogged by scale build-up, thereby reducing the flow of water, and possibly require pipe replacement and additional plumbing.  Did you know that scale build-up has been known to increase your energy bill? This Hard Water scale can even build up on the inside of Water Heaters, leading to early failure of the appliance.  Instantaneous Water Heaters require quality, conditioned water in order to work properly.

Protect your major investments by controlling the quality of water that is moving through your pipes and related appliances.  Quality water that has been conditioned becomes “softened” and is the right solution to quality water performance.  To learn more about water conditioning, visit the Gillece Water Conditioning Experts at

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