…you may be swimming in it, but you certainly should not be showering in it! 

Fun -in-the-sun usually means swimming, splashing and cooling off in crisp, clear, cold pool water on several summer days. We’re all very aware that chlorine is a much needed disinfectant for this type of activity, where people from all over share a common body of water. And, we’re grateful.  As you know, several of us take great strides to rid our bodies of chlorine after a nice refreshing swim. We rinse off our bodies, maybe even wash off with soap, rinse or wash out our hair (in fact there are even special shampoos we use for chlorine-exposed hair)…  we even go to the trouble of rinsing/washing out our bathing suit, thereby depleting it of chlorine and its odor.

So, if we go to all this trouble after just a swim in the pool, why then are we not concerned with the very water in which we bathe and shower?… and launder, and even drink!? While chlorine is a key ingredient in water treatment and protection in the household, too much chlorine can be a bad thing.  It is not uncommon for water to contain an overabundance of chlorine. It smells strong and tastes bad. And, it quickly and intensely is absorbed by you, drying out both your skin and hair… causing dryness, itchiness and flakiness. When the chlorine level is too rampant in water, so are these related problems. At an extreme, they’ve even been associated with cancer.

Let Gillece stop you from putting up with overly chlorinated water and its damaging effects. A knowledgeable and skill-certified Gillece Service Technician can perform a thorough Water Quality Inspection, and then determine which Water Filtration System (link to Drinking Water Filtration) is right for your home and budget. Chlorine is always a friend to water when used in appropriate quantities… but, often a dangerous foe when quantities overflow.