Pipe Stent


Trenchless Technology for Permanent Pipeline Repair

Over time, your home’s sewer lines, which exist several feet below ground, may become damaged. Whether caused by tree root intrusion or broken, separated, or collapsed pipes, damage leads to slow drains and messy sewer backups in your home.

When it comes to repairing a sewer line problem, traditional digging typically takes a lot of time and work to reach the pipe underground, which also means destruction of your property. But with Pipe Stenting, the latest advancement in sewer pipe repair, no digging is needed to reach or to fix your damaged pipes.


1. Camera Inspection

The first step in the Pipe Stent solution is a sewer camera inspection. This allows your plumber to locate the problem within your pipeline, followed by a cleaning method such as rooting or jetting to remove tree roots or other debris.

2. Thermosetting Resin

Once the pipeline is clean and the problem area has been identified, a resin is prepared and spread onto a fiberglass liner, which wraps around a packer that is inserted into the pipe.

3. Cured Pipe

The packer is inserted into the pipe, pushed until it reaches the damaged area, and inflated. Once the lining cures, the packer can be removed, leaving a brand new pipe within your existing pipe.

Pipe Stent Advantages

  • Reduced costs otherwise needed to replace landscaping, sidewalks, pavement, etc.
  • Pipe Stent life tested to last at least 50 years
  • Improved flow capacity due to smooth pipe interior and tapered ends


Interested in Pipe Stent technology to fix your damaged sewer line without disruption? Call Gillece today!