$93 or Free Drains/Sewers

Gillece’s $93 or Free Clog Crusher™
Mainline Sewer or Floor Drain Unclogging and Cleaning

Floor drain or mainline sewer backing up quickly? Don’t drown in your troubles – contact us ASAP for an immediate Clog Crushing™ service call!

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No Cost If We Can’t Open

If Gillece can’t unclog your clog with our mainline sewer /floor drain cleaning special, you don’t pay!*

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5 Year Guarantee

We guarantee our drain or sewer Clog Crusher for 5 Years (1 Return Limited Warranty). If a drain that we attempt to clean again backs-up within five years of our original drain cleaning service, we will return one time to attempt to perform the cleaning again at no charge!



Gillece is open all year round – we never close. We answer our phones day and night around-the-clock – and a Gillece Technician will come to your home to crush your clog, no matter how big or small – regardless of the day or the time.


We schedule your service immediately and work around your schedule. A Gillece Customer Service Representative expedites your emergency call by swiftly getting your service request to our Operations Department who then quickly lines up and dispatches the right Clog-Crushing Technician.


For just $93, your drain or sewer clog is crushed and cleared away for good. If for any reason we are unable to open the drain and clear the clog, the service is FREE. Gillece’s trained and skill-certified Gillece Plumbers are the area’s experts at clearing your clog with quick assessment, professional service and top notch equipment.

Typical types of drains include:

This special is only for mainline sewers or floor drains.  If you have a smaller drain that is clogged, we can diagnose the problem and provide repair options for $65.

*Restrictions & Special Guidelines

  • Special can be applied to each drain only one time per property.
  • Free Video Camera is only included in $93 or Free Special and only for backed up drains.
  • Free Video Camera Inspection is FREE when appropriate and at the discretion of
  • Location equipment is not included and is a separate charge.
  • Up to 75 feet of cable for main drains; up to 25 feet of cable for smaller drains
  • Longer distance costs may occur.
  • Large drain cleaning equipment use for accessible basement areas only
  • Use of large drain cleaning equipment for upper floors and other interior and exterior areas of the home will incur additional fees
  • NOT ALL DRAINS AND SEWERS CAN BE CLEANED – factors such as roots, broken pipes, shifted pipes and ultimately what materials are in the pipes affect attempted cleaning results.
  • We reserve the right to not service faulty drains or drains with reoccurring issues.
  • Single-family residence only. Residential customers only.
  • Does not apply to rental/landlord-tenant property.
  • Does not apply to commercial property.
  • Cannot be combined with other coupons, discounts or offers.
  • Some additional restrictions and exclusions may apply – call for details.
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