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Congratulations, you are finally about to graduate from school! You have spent thousands of dollars and years to acquire the skills and knowledge of your trade. But what happens when new equipment emerges and you don’t know how to install or repair it? Going back to school for every new change in the industry is not an option.

Luckily, Gillece Services offers weekly paid training classes in our 7,600 square foot training facility. Gillece will pay you to stay knowledgeable about your skilled trade! Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, water filtration equipment, simulators and other advanced tools and equipment can be found in Gillece’s training facility.

Each week, either one-on-one or group training classes are required of all Gillece technicians. Cross training is also available at the Gillece training facility. During these weekly training sessions the technicians are given the opportunity to learn about new equipment, innovations and technology in their industry.

The trainers during these sessions are experienced and seasoned Gillece expert technicians. Acting as head teachers for the hands-on training classes are general and HVAC managers. Both the managers and seasoned expert technicians are up to date with the latest industry technology. Gillece also carefully selects national industry experts to instruct for higher level learning.

For all new technicians, there is a mentoring program available. This program is specifically for technicians who want to expand their skill set. For example, a plumber can gain knowledge and experience in heating and cooling or an electrician can gain experience in plumbing.

These classes are not your typical lecture style class. These training classes are hands-on training sessions. Each trade has its own room where there is real equipment to learn and practice on. You will never feel uncomfortable or uncertain working on the job because you will have had practice in the training facility beforehand.

The training facility also gives the technicians at Gillece the opportunity to stay up to date with ongoing professional training certifications. Many Gillece technicians have several certifications including NATE, EPA and DOT.

Here at Gillece, we value our employees and want to see them succeed. Increase your knowledge of your skilled trade while also building your professional career. Apply today!