$1,500 Energy Rebate

It’s Back! $1,500 Instant Energy Rebate!

When you purchase a premier high efficiency package of a 98% furnace / 18 SEER AC or higher, you’ll get $1,500 back instantly!

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Benefits of a High Efficiency Unit

Having a furnace and AC unit that functions properly is important but having a system that is energy efficient is just as important. A unit that is not energy efficient consumes and exerts more energy, causing your bills to skyrocket. When you’re using a furnace or AC unit 10 to 11 months out of the year, you are practically paying for the energy your system is wasting. With a high efficacy unit, you can save energy and cut your utility bills in half!

All furnaces have annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings while air conditioners have a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). The higher the AFUE or SEER rating, the more energy efficient the unit is. When a furnace or AC is more energy efficient, it uses less electric or gas which in turn saves you money.
A high efficiency furnace will keep your home warmer by maintaining the temperature setting better than an older lower efficiency unit. You can also fight off the humidity of your home more effectively and quickly with a high efficiency air conditioning unit.

Not only will you save money and have more efficient units, you’ll be helping the environment as well. Since high a efficiency unit uses less energy, less greenhouse gasses are emitted into the air. You can take a big step at going green in your home without even trying!

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