Do your pipes rattle when you flush the toilet or turn the water on and off? Sometimes it sounds like the pipes are going to burst right through your walls. Noisy pipes are not only annoying but they can also be worrisome. Find out what’s making your pipes rattle and what you can do to make it stop.

Pipes bang when turning water on and off
When a pipe has not been properly secured to the wall, it can cause your pipe to rattle. If you experience this problem, you should use pipe clips to strap your pipes securely to the wall. These pipe clips will prevent your pipes from moving when water rushes through them.

Water pressure is too high
Pipes can also rattle and make noises when the water pressure is set too high. Too high of water pressure can also cause damages to your pipes and your home. A good water pressure setting is between 40 to 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). You can test your water’s PSI using a water pressure gauge and make adjustments accordingly.

Water hammer
Water hammer is a very common cause of rattling pipes. Water hammer is caused by fast-moving-valves that shut the valve off quickly while the water is flowing through the pipes, making it stop suddenly which causes the rattling sound. To have this problem solved, you can call a plumber or replace the fast-moving-valves with slow-moving-valves

Air chambers full of water
Air chambers help soften and cushion water hammering but over time they fill up with water. Every so often they need to be drained so they can fill with air and cushion the hammering. These air chambers can be drained very easily by turning off the water valve, flushing the toilets and opening every drain in the house. Make sure you start from the highest floor in your home and work your way down.