Your residential water heater is an integral part of your household’s daily workings and operations.  Warm to hot water is needed for showering, bathing, doing dishes, running the dishwasher, washing the laundry, washing your hands in the kitchen, washing up in the bathroom sink, mopping the floor, and other functions – either independently or simultaneously.  The demand on your warm to hot water needs is daily, constant, and necessary.

So, have you ever really taken a look at your water heater?  It actually has kind of a space-age, high-tech look with protruding and dangling gadgets and hoses attached to it here and there.  One of these gadgets, a “T&P (Temperature and Pressure) Relief Valve,” is probably the most important gadget of all.  There it rests, unassuming, sitting around, like an odd adornment on the outside of your water heater.  Little do you know that this unassuming, protruding, odd adornment attached to your water heater is preventing the entire major household appliance from exploding!  That’s right – exploding!

Your water heater’s T&P Relief Valve is an imperative safety device that prevents it from exploding as it monitors the pressure and the temperature of your water heater/tank.  Heaven forbid the water heater’s temperature (for whatever reason) would ever exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit and/or the water pressure in the tank ever exceeds 150 pounds – ka-boom!  Discovery Channel’s MythBusters Show actually confirmed the myth that an exploding water heater can literally explode right through the roof of a house.  According to the show’s summary on the MythBusters website – “In order to confirm the stated myth, the Mythbusters obtained a full size 52 gallon water heater and built a shack around it with a roof that followed standard California building codes.  The water heater eventually exploded, shooting through the roof 500 feet into the air and disintegrating the shack.  In light of these results, and the fact that there is documented evidence corroborating the myth, the Mythbusters deemed it confirmed.”  The water heater shot through the air like a rocket.

With a working, properly installed T&P Relief Valve, you’ll have no worries of that ever happening.  And, your T&P Relief Valve should have a performance safety check every year by a Gillece Professional Plumbing Technician.  If for some reason you need a replacement T&P Relief Valve, again, leave it to a professional to handle.  Call Gillece!  If you have a Gillece Professional Plumbing Technician in your home for a related or even unrelated service call, please feel free to ask him to do a 1-minute quick check to be sure that your T&P Relief Value is “on” and working.