leak from pinhole

Is there something raining on your parade?

Most people fear their home will experience a pipe burst or flooding in the basement. What you should fear is something under the surface and hidden from plain view – pinhole leaks!

How can something as small as a pin be so dangerous, you might ask? The extensive amount of damage pinholes can cause to your home is what makes them so detrimental. These sever damages include water damage to walls, flooring, furniture, plaster and sheet rock, and the growing of mold and mildew. Located within the walls and ceilings of your home enclosed by insulation and supports, pinhole leaks will rot your insulation and supports as well. This is a costly problem for homeowners as it can raise insurance and negatively affect the renewal of homeowners’ policies.

The unfortunate part about pinholes is that they are not usually discovered until damage has been done to your home. Often times a decrease in water pressure can be an indicator of a leak. However, pinholes are not large enough to affect the water pressure. This gives the minuscule leak plenty of time to cause destruction to your home. Most likely you won’t know something is wrong until you discover your home has become a victim to water damage.

Should you experience this unfortunate disaster, it is important to know what proper actions should be taken. For less severe cases, such as one or two pinholes, repairing only the holes of the pipe can be a quick fix to your problem. Another option is replacing the leaking pipe. The worst case scenario involves a full system replacement.

With such an expensive problem, you might wonder what causes pinhole leaks and what you can do to avoid them. Regrettably, a direct cause of pinholes has yet to be determined. Don’t get discouraged yet, there are several researched speculations which could possibly be the cause. During the installation and maintenance process, if too much flux is used and remains within the pipe it can eventually result in a pinhole leak. According to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Task Force Study on pinhole leaks in copper plumbing, chemicals, particularly aluminum- bearing compounds, are the agents most responsible for corrosion. Despite the fact there is no way to avoid pinholes from occurring, you can have your pipes treated with a sealer to decrease the chance of your pipes eroding.

Don’t fret if you find a pinhole leak in your home, Gillece Services here help you during this difficult time. Give us a call for any kind of leak! Call today!