Clogs, clogs, clogs!  No one likes them; no one needs them; and certainly, no one wants them.  But, they do happen.  Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, toilets… really, any kind of drain is accessible to this blocked-up, congestive, frustrating situation.  And, we most definitely tend to want to remedy a clogged drain at home as soon as possible, so that life as we know it can get back to normal, and fast.  As residential consumers, we are often quick to grab a marketed product that contains “sulfuric acid,” and we may actually end up doing more harm than good to the life of our drain pipelines.

Gillece Professional Plumbing Technicians are usually and unfortunately not surprised to work with customers that have already poured a sulfuric acid product down their drain and yes, took the plunge!  What they may have not been aware of is that sulfuric acid can actually eat away at most pipe materials, excluding plastic.  Not to mention if your pipes are old and worn, the only materials keeping running water from leaking out in worn-down spots may be the build-up itself that is causing the clog.  After pouring store products down a drain, the build-up is quickly eaten away and then you are left with indeed a very open drain and cleared clog, but potential water damage from leakage, which can be more costly to repair than the initial clog.

So, it may just so happen one day that you discover you’ve got a clog!  Try the old plunger and warm water methodology and if nothing is happening, it’s time to call a professional; it’s time to “Call Gillece!”  A good rule of thumb is simply NOT to use a sulfuric-based, store-bought consumer product when attempting to unclear a clog.  Just don’t even buy it or keep it in the house.  Repetition of use of this product and amount used can really truly wreak havoc on the integrity of your pipes.  However, a quick call to Gillece Services can not only get the clog cleared, it can save you a tremendous amount of time and money on repair or replacement of household pipes and piping systems.

Sulfuric acid really can damage your pipes, and your wallet!