Only $39- No Trip Fee!  No hidden fees!

If your Plumbing is a mess, you don’t have to stress- Gillece Services flushes all of your worries away…

Need a plumbing fix?  Take it from Gilley and call Gillece, we will be there to check out and diagnose your plumbing problem that is preventing your home from working for you.  With Gilley’s “No-Panic” Plumbing Diagnosis, there is no reason to panic- we will figure out what you need to get things functioning safely and efficiently.

Covers Pittsburgh and Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties:

  • Just $39.00- no trip fees and no hidden costs
  • Check-up with problem diagnosis
  • Diagnosis explanation
  • Repair recommendations with pricing options
  • Post-diagnosis “where should you go from here?” consultation

If it comes to repair…. there’s no need to compare!

Plumbing repairs are vast and typically unexpected.  You never really know when you may need a plumber, so remember to “Call Gillece!”  Toilets that make strange noises while in operation, toilets that won’t stop running, toilets with an associated odor, poor flushing- bathtubs with foul odors- clogged showerheads, shower leaks, inconsistent water temperature- hard water symptoms- water quality issues- and plumbing-related problems with sinks, faucets, pipes, fittings, valves, Jacuzzis, etc.- are all reasons to call a Gillece Plumber for Gilley’s No-Panic Plumbing Diagnosis with repair recommendations.

See Gilley’s Special for details and restrictions.

*Restrictions apply.  Call for details.