The holiday season gives your home’s toilets a good workout, more so than any other time of year.  Holiday dinners, out-of-town guests, festive parties – flush, flush, flush.  No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, we’ve all heard about Santa Claus’ long journey, going house to house delivering toys to all the good boys and girls.  It’s only right that if Santa does exist and he has to borrow your commode, that he get a good flush!


  • Share the joy!  Be sure all the toilets in the home get equal action – not just the powder-room toilet.  Overuse of one toilet could put it out of commission.
  • Remember, good boys and girls only put toilet paper down the toilet and nothing else – or, you might end up on the naughty list!
  • All you male elves out there – please remember to put the toilet seat back down for the lady elves.
  • Leave a note near the toilet for guests, family and Santa, if your toilet has any quirky issues – for example, “hold down the handle for a proper flush.”
  • Clear away all clutter including holiday décor from areas around toilets – this prevents anything from ending up in the crapper!
  • If your toilet does back up – have a decorated plunger within arm’s length for any guest to grab in case of emergency, even Santa!


For unresolved backed-up toilets and slow tub, shower and sink drains in any bathroom:

“When out on the street, there arose such a clatter.

You spring from your bed to see what’s the matter.

Away to the window you fly in a flash.

Tore open your shutters and threw up your sash.

When, what to your wondering eyes should appear.

But, a Gillece service van with their Gillece gear.

With a skilled service Plumber, so lively and quick.

You knew in a moment that he’d get it fixed!”


Call Gillece!