When and why delayed plumbing problems go from bad to worse . . .

Gilley knows we’ve all been there.  Buying time by ignoring a chronic plumbing problem or simply hoping that it will somehow magically go away over time? Perhaps even scrimping and saving on spending for home repair in order to get by?  Now, even though the latter is in theory a good intention, none of these situations ever end happily.  Ignoring a plumbing problem will not make it go away, a plumbing problem will not somehow magically disappear, and saving a little money on a plumbing repair now often ends up in bigger repair costs later, as all three of these predicaments often end up in much greater damage… having been left to worsen as time goes by.  The fact of the matter is once you detect a home plumbing problem, you should address it immediately or as soon as possible.  Even a minor drip or leak can quickly lead to bigger, more costly issues with greater impact – listen to Gilley and pick up the phone to Call Gillece!

Waiting to deal with your plumbing dilemma can damage your home plumbing network and other parts of your home including related walls, flooring, ceiling, home accessories and appliances, etc.  A persistent leak or a clog very often can lead to a pipe that bursts which is then the perpetrator of said property damage.  As previously mentioned, more “ignoring” and more “lack-of-action” often leads to more damage, which then leads to higher costs of repair bills!  Sure you save now, but the efforts to undo extended damage can nearly double or triple the cost of what it would have cost initially.  Not to mention, who wants to live with the stress and inconvenience?  If you’re putting a “band-aid” on a leak, when will it give up?  If you’ve got rattling pipes every time you run a certain faucet, how long will they hold out?  It may even be that your plumbing equipment is outdated and you need an update.  A final thought is safety and health concerns.  Clogged toilets and backed-up sinks can easily encourage the growth of mold and fungi and harmful bacteria – three elements you’d like to keep away from your family and friends.

Gillece will solve your plumbing problems before they spiral out of control and run up your costs!  If you have a leak or a clog, hear rattling noises, or suspect that you have a plumbing problem of any sort, remember what Gilley says, “Don’t postpone, pick up the phone – Call Gillece!”.