Increasing Home Value Through Waterproofing

Increasing Home Value Through Waterproofing

Gillece Waterproofing Solutions can help protect the current condition of your home while also maintaining its value for the future. A waterproofing system helps to prevent water damage, therefore keeping your valuable and personal items, including your home, in tiptop condition for years to come.

Should you eventually decide to sell your house, a Gillece Waterproofing System can help to positively impact its resale appeal. Many people look for signs of water damage or potential water problems when searching for a new home, and they also want a dry basement. Without a waterproofing system, leaks can develop, creating damp spots or water stains on walls and ceilings in addition to water damage. Such damage can depreciate the resale value of a home by potentially thousands of dollars. Gillece Pittsburgh Waterproofing Solutions can install an indoor or outdoor waterproofing system to keep water out of your home so its condition is never jeopardized and its value never wavers.

Water can find its way into your home through a multitude of sources. From a leaking pipe or roof to a faulty gutter, or from rainfall or groundwater, unwanted water exists both inside and outside of your home and persistently threatens to seep inside. Gillece Services Waterproofing Solutions for indoor or outdoor use stop water where it starts and redirect its flow away from your home. And with a Gillece indoor waterproofing system, a MicroPower Guard® Air Filter is included for free* to provide your home with exceptional air quality straight from your home comfort system.

If you are in the process of building a home or are planning to sell, or if you have been living in a home without proper waterproofing protection, Gillece Waterproofing Solutions is here for you! While ideally a waterproofing system is installed during the construction of a home, an established home can also acquire the same protection. Investing in a waterproofing system sooner rather than later can eliminate future costs for repair or replacement from possible water damage. Gillece offers a Free Waterproofing Estimate* in which your home is inspected from the inside out and from top to bottom to determine the best waterproofing solution for you. A Gillece Waterproofing Specialist offers an expert assessment and subsequent consultation to present and review all necessary information and waterproofing options.

Don’t wait for water to take over your home! Call Gillece Waterproofing Solutions today!

*Restrictions may apply. Subject to change.