Waterproofing Services


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When water finds its way into your home, particularly in your basement, it can cause irreversible damage, costly repairs and the loss of personal belongings. To protect your home from future leaks if you have had problems before, or to preserve your home by preventing water intrusion in the future, Gillece Pittsburgh Waterproofing has a solution for you. The proof is in the results!

Water Problems and Symptoms of Damage Include:

• Displaced water
• Mold and mildew
• Dampness in your home
• Wet basement floors or walls
• Cracking or bowing basement floors or walls
• Faulty foundation
• Bugs or other pests
• Musty odor

Pittsburgh homeowners consider waterproofing as a way to protect their valuable items as well as their home as a whole. Gillece Services offers waterproofing solutions that aim to preserve your home for years to come, keeping water out and preventing subsequent water damage.

Pittsburgh Waterproofing Systems

Gillece Waterproofing provides interior and exterior waterproofing systems using a French drain or a sump pump. French drains are a type of excavation waterproofing that address foundation problems. French drains are typically a great option for new construction and require little to no maintenance once installed. Sump pumps are a more common and less invasive interior waterproofing solution for groundwater issues. They are typically installed in the lowest area of your basement where they collect water and deposit it a safe distance away from your home’s exterior.

The most suitable option for your Pittsburgh home depends on construction details, water flow and potential water problems, as well as your specific waterproofing needs. The right waterproofing system for you will also depend on if you are addressing a recurring problem or looking for a method of prevention.

Sources of Water Problems and Solutions

Water can enter your home from groundwater, rainfall, leaking pipes and other natural and artificial sources, inside or outside of your home. The consequences can range from minimal water damage to irreversible, devastating damage. A small leak or source of water can cause damp spots to form on basement walls or floors, and over time, such moisture that is not addressed can lead to the formation of mold and mildew, attract bugs, create a musty odor, rot wood, and more. Larger leaks and flooding can lead to damage that may ruin furniture, irreplaceable items and the overall condition of your basement. Severe water damage also has the potential to jeopardize your home’s foundation. Pittsburgh Waterproofing Solutions help to prevent such damage and loss to keep your home standing strong.

Waterproofing to Maintain a Safe, Dry, Comfortable Home

Waterproofing Systems provided and installed by Gillece Services help to stop water from getting into your home by locating sources where it may originate, especially if you have had issues before. Waterproofing is also a way to maintain the condition and value of your home, since water damage can diminish both, especially over time. Overall, a waterproofing system for your Pittsburgh home means keeping your home dry and at lower risk for damage and a clean and comfortable environment for your and your family.

Waterproofing Specialists

Gillece Services’ Waterproofing Specialists are skilled professionals with experience assessing a home’s interior and exterior waterproofing needs. Waterproofing is our specialists’ main focus and area of specialization – that’s one reason why Gillece Service Technicians are experts at what they do. Waterproofing Specialists are knowledgeable about water entry, water damage and viable waterproofing solutions. Your specialist will assess your home, review areas of concern and present the best options for your situation.

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