Modern homes are full of high-tech equipment and devices used for communication, entertainment, productivity, security, and more. This technology, while convenient, creates an increased need for electrical maintenance, both reactive and proactive in nature. With so many devices connected, wired, and plugged in, they can become a prevalent source of potential danger in your home. Adequate sources of electricity and proper maintenance can ensure the safety and continued function of all your technology and communication equipment.

Equipment Maintenance and Installations

Who do you call when your home security system causes problems, the computers in your office aren’t properly powered, or the wiring to your flat-screen TV needs fixed before game day? Gillece Electrical Technicians receive advanced training for a complete array of electrical maintenance and repair services.

If you’re adding on a game room or upgrading your media room, you may need assistance with wiring and connections for gaming systems, audio equipment, televisions, etc. We can assist with your new installations and electrical needs while making sure that your electricity can handle the load being added. If not, you may need to add more power, including additional outlets and upgrading your circuit panel.

Equipment Protection and Prevention

Gillece also offers overall surge protection to keep all of your modern technology and communication equipment safe and operational.  A single power surge can cause thousands of dollars in damage to televisions, computers, and other electronics. Gillece Electricians specialize in proactive surge protection.

To prevent future problems, our Electrical Technicians will gladly perform an Electrical Inspection for your entire home.  We check the main electrical panel, circuit breakers, electrical connections, electric receptacles, and ground fault interrupters and also perform other essential safety checks.

Gillece Technicians can troubleshoot electrical problems related to:

  • Security Systems
  • Audio Equipment
  • Visual Products
  • Phone Communication
  • Computers/Networks
  • Power Surges
  • And more!

For all of your home’s technology and communication electrical needs, Gillece Electricians are trained and experienced to complete installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our homes seem to revolve around our modern equipment that we expect to work properly for a long period of time. Gillece can ensure that your equipment will do just that! Call Gillece!