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Home Living and Improvement

Home improvement projects and upgrades require the assistance and expertise of a professional and licensed Pittsburgh electrician for installations, upgrades, wiring, replacement, and more. Gillece Services Electricians can complete indoor and outdoor electrical work related to your project to ensure your connections and installations are safe and secure for continued, functional use.

Kitchen Lighting:

No kitchen is complete without the right kind of lighting. Gillece can complete installations of hanging fixtures, fluorescent lights, under cabinet lighting, track and accent lighting, recessed lighting, and dimmers and switches for your kitchen renovation. These lighting options are designed to increase functionality in your kitchen, to create a certain mood, and/or to emphasize specific areas of décor. A Gillece Electrician can properly install and place your kitchen lights and fixtures for their safe and efficient operation. They can also install GFI outlets where appropriate for additional electrical safety. Gillece Electricians check wire size for the correct load; perform circuit distribution for circuit protection; and offer outlet installation and replacement, if needed.

Circuit Protection Renovation:

Gillece Electrical Services keeps your home safe regarding any installations or upgrades for your home improvement projects. Circuit Protection Renovation ensures that your home has the electrical capacity it requires and the necessary safety measures for preventing serious electrical damages and other consequences. Your circuit breaker panel can only handle as much electrical capacity as it has been built to, and when electrical demands exceed the maximum amount of AMPS, a shortage or power surge can occur, which can be a potentially dangerous situation. Protect your circuit breaker to protect your home.

Circuit Protection Renovation includes:

  • Main Breaker Renovation
  • 3 Way Main Panel Surge Protection
  • GFCI Breaker Replacement
  • Branch Circuit Breaker Replacement

Outdoor Work:

When it comes to your outdoor oasis, whether you have a patio, a back porch, or a swimming pool, electrical work may be necessary in one form or another. Gillece Electricians can handle installations of outdoor lighting and outdoor ceiling fans, and they can complete electrical wiring for swimming pools, spas, and Jacuzzis. They can assist with renovations or installations in a number of other outdoor areas, as well, for ensuring safe and secure electrical connections.

Gillece Home Living and Improvement Services also includes assistance with:

  • Remodeling
  • Expansion
  • Track and accent lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Patios and gardens

The safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical work should never be overlooked! Call Gillece for help with your home improvement project today!