Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & Repair

Nothing can be more frustrating, uncomfortable, and even debilitating than a home that is overly hot and just won’t cool down. In addition to being physically unnerving, it slows down productivity and can literally be unsafe, causing a poor breathing environment in times of high humidity. Occasionally you may even hear of an AC-problem-related death. It’s not unusual for people with certain health conditions to experience exacerbated symptoms from being exposed to an extremely warm environment.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, Including Holidays

Gillece’s trained and skill-certified Technicians are always available. We’re committed to making sure that no matter what system you have, your air conditioning is always working safely and efficiently, giving you 100% worry-free comfort and security.  We also guarantee to help you find the right brand-new air conditioning system for your needs and budget, should the occasion arise.

What problems can occur with my Air Conditioner?

Problems with air conditioning cooling systems are very common, yet unfortunately tend to catch you off guard. Without fail, AC problems seem to occur during the most hot and humid times of the year, exactly when smoothly operating, high-quality air conditioning is most needed.

Call a Gillece Cooling Technician when your:

  • Circuit breaker trips when the AC system is turned on
  • AC System hums but the fan does not run
  • AC System fan runs but the compressor does not
  • Outdoor AC System runs but the fan inside doesn’t work
  • AC System leaks water inside your house
  • Lines have ice frozen on them
  • Thermostat won’t hold the temperature that it is set to
  • Temperature varies from room to room
  • Unit runs constantly

How can I take a proactive approach to prevent AC problems?

Why wait for an unanticipated air conditioning or cooling problem to arise?  Think about it.  For several months out of the year, your air conditioning unit is outside, not operating, not working, and exposed to harsh conditions.  Yet, every year when it’s turned on, it’s expected to run at full capacity.  If you’re lucky, it does.  But this is not always the case.

Gillece can help you take a proactive approach to repairing and preventing home air conditioning problems at the beginning of the spring/summer months. We offer a specialized Gillece Safety Check, which includes a review and inspection of your AC’s line pressure, refrigerant, and controls.  We also recommend any necessary repairs, filter replacements, or cleaning services, and quote them separately for your information and convenience. In addition, we offer a full-service, comprehensive Air Conditioning Tune-Up, which can alleviate all concerns about current or potential problems.