Fall is upon us – and the heat is on!  Most of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas have clicked on their furnace by now.  Chances are that the furnace may be on every night at this point.  Have you begun to notice “things” drying out a bit?  Your hands, your lips, yes… even your furniture?  Lack of humidity in the home can draw out moisture out of all these things and also create the simple annoyance of static electricity.  But, did you also know that studies have shown that our immune system actually functions better when humidity is at a properly balanced level?

That’s right – the proper amount of humidification does help to support the quality of your indoor air!  In dry fall and winter months, the spread of mold, bacteria and viruses can run rampant with low humidity levels.  Here’s how it works – dry, heated air allows viral molecules to move about freely and furiously that may ultimately be inhaled by you and your family.  However, with balanced humidity in the air, these viral molecules have the opportunity to “bump up” against water found in moisture in the air and then drop down to the surfaces found in your home.  So, by then simply keeping these surfaces clean and germ-free, you are actually far better protected than having the molecules just floating around aimlessly in the air waiting to be inhaled.  Gillece Heating Services can help to decrease the negative effects of overly dry air, assisting your body’s immune system in defending itself against dryness, dehydration, and the impact of germs.

Gillece Services’ Whole House Honeywell Humidifiers automatically monitor the level of dryness in your home and operate as needed.  They are easy to use and maintain and there are no tanks to fill.  They are out of sight – connected to your household’s central heating & cooling system.  In colder winter months, they may even provide substantial energy savings with continued use.  Why?  Indoor air feels warmer with the proper level of humidity.  Remember, usually it’s not the “heat,” it’s the “humidity” that you really notice on a super warm day!  Therefore, you can turn your thermostat down a few degrees and with the right amount of humidity you’ll still feel the same, saving money on your heating bills.