Top Kitchen Decor Trends for Spring 2017

ladder hanging from kitchen ceiling

Spring is the perfect time to make some much needed updates to your kitchen, but there’s no need to put a dent in your savings to do so. Check out these top kitchen DIY projects to help you get started!

Pipe shelving
All you need for this project is wood and piping to get the must have industrial style kitchen. This will not only look great but will be functional and practical as well. Use it for a coffee bar or for storing bulky kitchen appliances.

This trend is still on the rise and recently it’s not only getting easier but more diverse in style. For a quick and easy update, opt for a peel and stick backsplash. This will give you the look and style you want without breaking the bank or making a permanent change. You can also get creative and paint your own backsplash. Choose a chalk white tile and create your own pattern or design.

Add furniture
Love that old oak dresser or buffet you just can’t seem to part with? Incorporate it into your kitchen! Invest in a nice countertop for it and create your own unique kitchen island.

Useful copper
Anything copper is super trendy this year. Suspend a copper ladder from the ceiling and use it to hang all of your pots and pans. It’ll add some flare to your kitchen while also serving a purpose. This DIY hack is great for those with little to no cupboard space.

Farmhouse table
Long tables with benches instead of chairs are also extremely popular right now. These can be pretty costly, but not when you have some creativity up your sleeve! Invest in a farmhouse table from Ikea and then search for your own benches at thrift stores. It’ll be even better if the benches don’t match as mismatched textures are very in this year. Choose a stain that matches the table or add a pop of color to your kitchen with some fun paint!

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