Top 5 Decor Trends for Spring 2017

bright green dining room 2017 decor
There’s no better way to jump into spring than with some fun new home décor. With a new season comes some fun new trends! The spring of 2017 has some great new fun home décor trends you’ll have no trouble getting on board with!

Nothing says hello spring like bright green! This color is quickly on the rise and is super fun and trendy. Jump on this new trend by painting your dining room or entryway this spunky color! Did you know navy has become the new black this year? Navy will compliment virtually any color and works great as an accent such as kitchen cabinets. Classic white is still in the mix, but stay away from flat white and aim for chalk white for your accent pieces – it will look more authentic and handmade.

Mixed patterns
This fun bohemian inspired trend will give you the decorating freedom you’ve been craving. Forget about an accent piece and just pick out several bright bold patterned pieces! Pick one large item to anchor the room and then add other patterns throughout the room.

Remember, the more textures, the better. Be on the lookout for faux fur and velvet to hit the market. These “must touch” pieces are on the rise and will have your place looking super chic this spring.

Goodbye DIY
For those who are epically failing at Pinterest DIYs, take a big sigh of relief because those days are over. Real craftsmanship and artisan pieces are the new in this year. Snag that hand blown glass vase or sick print you’ve had your eye on and add it to your home this season.

The idea this season is less is more. Fold up rooms and hidden appliances are quickly hitting the scene. Focus on things that serve multiple purposes in order to declutter your home – this is especially a great trend for studios and tiny apartments.

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