laundry room with plumbing

Your laundry room is an essential room in your home. Keeping you and your family in clean clothes is a necessity and for any problems or inconveniences to arise in the laundry room can cause a major halt to your regular routine. To keep your laundry room operating smoothly, take advantage of the following top laundry room plumbing tips.

Full load – Only wash clothes when you have a full load of laundry. This decreases the use of your washer which reduces the stress placed on it. This also saves water and energy.

Inspection – You should regularly inspect the washing machine hose and attachments as they can become worn and cracked. If your washing machine has a rubber hose, upgrade for a stainless steel hose that has a longer lifespan and is resistant to leaks and cracks.

Strainers – Placing a strainer over any drain will prevent hair, lint and other debris from going down your drain and causing a clog. You can even get a strainer for the washing machine hose. This strainer will do the same thing it does for your drains but it will keep the line clog free.

Full trap – Drains that are not frequently used can allow for sewer gasses and sewer odors to enter your home. Pouring a gallon of water down the laundry room sink and floor drain once a month in your laundry room keeps the trap full and prevents sewer smells and gasses from entering your home.

Flood alarm – A flood alarm can save your home from water damage and save you from having to pay for an expensive job. A flood alarm will warn you against water leaks in the water heater or washing machine.

For any plumbing problems big or small, call Gillece and we’ll get your laundry room up and running as fast as possible!