Kayak on father's day.

Spending time with your dad on Father’s Day doesn’t have to put a dent in your wallet – there are plenty of free and mostly free activities you both can enjoy right here in Pittsburgh! Whether your dad likes outdoor activities or is more of an indoor fan you’re bound to find something to do with your father on Father’s Day that won’t break the bank.

Spend the day outside downtown at Point State Park. This is a great spot for the whole family – your dad can enjoy a full day of fishing with an awesome view while there is plenty of lawn space for the children to play. Grab lunch in Market Square or pack a picnic and enjoy a fun day in the city that costs virtually nothing.

Take advantage of all of the rivers the city of Pittsburgh has to offer. People travel a long way to enjoy water activities on one of our three rivers. Rent a kayak at Venture Outdoors right under the Sixth Street Bridge on the North Shore – rentals start at $19 per kayak. They offer single and tandem kayaks which are perfect for those with small children. Spend some much needed quality time with your dad away from technology on the Ohio River.

Food, pinball and coffee – what else could your dad ask for on Father’s Day? Your dad is bound to love the vibe and fun the Kickback Pinball Café in Lawrenceville has to offer. Order a handmade panini and buy some tokens to play on the pinball machines – this is a great way to relax and kick it with your dad in this unique throwback arcade.

An afternoon at the movies on Sunday might be exactly what your dad needs on Father’s Day. Treat him to some popcorn, candy and a movie of his choice. Odds are, this will be much cheaper than spending hours in a store searching for a gift you’re not even sure he wants.