How Just $19.95 With Gillece Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars…

For less than $20, you can indeed receive warmth, security and peace of mind… not to mention save hundreds of dollars in potential furnace repairs or replacement.

Did you know that your home furnace is much like your vehicle?  Your car requires routine maintenance including oil and filter changes, timely check-ups and overall care.  Your home-heating system, in this case your furnace, also requires overall care and maintenance as well… sometimes more so. Think about it for a minute.  As a Pittsburgh or surrounding area resident, you don’t generally go to turn on your heat, or furnace, until around the months of September or October when the evenings start to get cold.  And typically, it has been off at that point for up to 6 months.  And if all is well, you, along with the rest of the world expect your furnace to kick on and operate at 100% functionality and proficiency.

Well, if you’re not giving your home heating system care and maintenance much like your vehicle, and it’s shut down for about one half of the year, then there are chances that things may not go as you expect them to go.  Don’t wait for your furnace to break down!  For just $19.95, the Gillece Safe Furnace Check-up guarantees your furnace’s equipment and its components are up to manufacturer’s specifications and live up to our expert safety checklist.  Checking-up on your furnace with an expert Gillece Services Heating Technician guarantees your heat works when you need it!

The Gillece Safe Furnace Check-up includes an 18-Point Inspection of the Blower Motor Amp Draw, the Inducer Motor Amp Draw, the Igniter Check, Capacitor Check, an Infrared Heat Exchange Inspection, and more.  We use a revolutionary, industry-best Heat Exchanger Inspection Camera to check your furnace with exclusive Infrared Technology.  The Gillece Services Heating Technician will review the video footage of the interior of your heat exchanger to look for cracks or deficiencies.  Cracks and deficiencies can lead to potential major problems if left alone or unnoticed.  And, this is where the savings comes in!  It’s simple.  Every Fall, when you’re getting ready to switch on your furnace – remember to, “Call Gillece!”  We’ll promptly come to your home and conduct this thorough, extensive, under $20 maintenance check-up to keep your furnace working safely and efficiently, and your home safe and warm.