A Gillece Furnace Check-up Keeps You Safe and Sound…

It’s still pretty warm out there now, but you may have noticed temperatures are starting to dip down slightly… and will soon be dropping. So, don’t let your family get caught in the cold. Our Gillece Furnace Check-up guarantees your furnace’s equipment and its components are up to manufacturer’s specifications and pass Gillece’s expert safety-check. Checking-up on your furnace now with an expert Gillece HVAC Service Technician guarantees your heat works when you need it! You’ll be left with warmth, security, and peace of mind.

Don’t end up like Sue via This Old House Discussions – https://advice.thisoldhouse.com/ “Help!  Winter has hit and I’m not sure if it’s colder outside or inside.  I have checked the (furnace’s) programmable thermostat and the batteries. I changed the furnace filter. When I turn off the switch located right by the furnace, and then I turn it back on, the furnace will run for about 5-8 minutes, but the blower never comes on. The furnace I have is a “XXXXXXX,” forced air heat with an electronic igniter. It is only about 2 years old. Help, or else I will be forced to bundle the family up and go to stay with someone else. And, tomorrow is Thanksgiving…”  Sue.

Poor Sue; is your furnace ready to work right away; safely; and, all the time? It should be. Gillece HVAC Service Technicians have the expertise and the skills to make sure that it is, so that your home and family are protected and warm. Our Gillece Furnace Check-up includes a safety-check and visual inspection. We’ll use a revolutionary, industry-first Heat Exchanger Inspection camera to check your furnace for cracks by using infrared technology. This ensures that your furnace is working safely and efficiently. Your Gillece HVAC Heating Service Technician will even review the video footage of the interior of your heat exchanger to look for cracks or deficiencies.

Get ready for Fall; get ready for Winter; get ready for Thanksgiving! – the point is, get ready!  Book your Gillece Furnace Check-up now and enjoy life instead of getting caught in the cold.

Trust Gillece –Give us a call!