Gilley’s a smart bird.  He knows that while it has been a pretty mild fall season in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania so far, that winter is still waiting in the wings, just around the corner – ready to fly into our lives!  Tonight’s forecast includes a low of 25 degrees and tomorrow’s includes a 60% chance of snow showers.  Gilley’s here to tell you that if you have not winterized your home for the cold, harsh weather… you really should “Call Gillece!”

Perhaps you’ve put off your annual ‘Gillece Safety Furnace Check’ which takes a bird’s eye view of the inside of your furnace with an infrared camera, revealing any cracks or deficiencies within the heat exchanger.  This 18-Point Safe Furnace Check performed by a Gillece Professional HVAC Heating Technician sees that everything in your furnace is up to manufacturer’s standards and can stop big troubles or even a break down by preventatively identifying problematic issues – all for just $19.95.

And, why not kill two birds with one stone?  (Gilley, “Oh no!”)  Ask your Gillece Professional HVAC Heating Technician for the added service of checking your entire household for carbon monoxide (CO) leaks.  This odorless, non-visible dangerous gas is always an issue when it comes to cranking up the heat during the winter months.  Especially if your furnace has been off for months and suddenly extensively used without any kind of safety check.  You can even ask your Technician to install and explain how to use a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detector and alarm.

Birds of a feather stick together, which is why Gilley doesn’t want the recent warm temperatures and balmy weather to fool Gillece customers and all area residents.  So, listen to Gilley and “Call Gillece! Don’t get left out in the cold and have to fly south for the winter.”  Gillece Heating Services can bring you, your family and your home safety, security and warmth – just in time for the holidays and just in time for winter!

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