What exactly does Gillece Services do for a $99 Furnace Repair Special?

You’ve probably seen the commercials on television or heard them on radio – Gilley says, “Call Gillece!”  Gillece Services will analyze and address any Furnace Repair problem for just $99!  Sounds great, but, what exactly does that  include?  And, are there any hidden charges?  Gilley says, “Read on to find out what will happen in your home…”

If you live in the greater Pittsburgh area or its surrounding counties and communities, then you know the value of an energy-efficient Furnace and smooth-operating home heating system.  Every one of us deserves a warm, cozy, comfortable house to come home to during the bitter cold days and nights of a harsh Pittsburgh Winter.  The temperature controlled climate in which we live is essential to conducting daily activities and also can become a major health concern, particularly when it comes to the safety of our elderly population.  As you may already know, lack of heat in extreme cases can unfortunately ultimately lead to hypothermia and other more serious issues.

Gillece Services HVAC Heating Technicians will fully diagnose your Furnace problem, explain to you what caused it, and will indeed perform any Furnace Repair up to a $200 value for just $99!*  And, Gillece Services finds that most Furnace Repairs can be done within that price range.  This Repair Special covers Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Beaver County, Butler County, Washington County, and Westmoreland County.

*Some restrictions and exclusions may apply – call for details.

Don’t Wait for Repair!  $19.95 Furnace Check-up

Pittsburgh!  Don’t wait for your Furnace to break down.  Gillece Services offer an exceptional 18-Point Inspection Furnace Check-up.  We use a revolutionary, industry-best Heat Exchanger Inspection Camera to check your Furnace for cracks or deficiencies with exclusive Infrared Technology.

Call Gillece!