Gilley says, “Six more weeks of winter or an early spring in Pittsburgh? Gear up for Groundhog Day with Gillece!”

What will Punxsutawney Phil predict for the fate of 2013Groundhog Day is here, and we’re all eager to see what Punxsutawney Phil will predict for the fate of 2013. While it felt like spring a couple of times in January, weather forecasters in Pittsburgh are calling for more snow in February. Will we be in for six more weeks of winter or a welcome early spring? If Gilley had anything to do with it, he would emerge from his burrow with no shadow in sight!

For now, dreams of sunshine, blue skies, and the chance to leave your winter coat at home may be a distant reality. Some Pittsburgh weathermen have predicted that February will be the coldest and snowiest month so far! In that case, Gilley recommends embracing the snow, cozying up by a warm fire, indulging in a cup of hot chocolate, and making the most out of what’s left of the season. Of course, if another unordinary, near 70 degree day rolls around, Gilley will be the first one outside ditching his hat and scarf and wishing for more warmth.

Whether or not Phil sees his shadow, everyone’s best bet is to be prepared. More winter means keeping warm and protecting your home from the cold, ice, and snow. Your furnace might have a lot more work to do, and safety is always the name of the game when it comes to heating your home. Luckily, Gillece Heating offers services no matter how long winter lasts. As it gets closer to spring, we might see a good deal of water accumulation from the combination of melting snow and spring showers. Now might be the ideal time to protect your home from groundwater that wants to seep into your basement. Check out Gillece Waterproofing for the prevention of floods and water damage, and cross your fingers for Phil’s prediction!

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