High efficiency furnace from GilleceWhen the cold settles in here in Pittsburgh and residential furnaces are left on for months at a time, many homeowners cringe looking at their utility bills. You’ve probably been there! Part of the problem has to do with the use of old, inefficient furnaces that waste energy and, as a result, waste money. If your furnace is at least ten years old, or even a couple of years less, it could be time for an upgrade.

Many outdated furnaces need frequent repairs, perform inadequately, and continue to waste energy and pollute the air. Sound familiar? High efficiency furnaces are the new standard for home heating, and one of the best parts about them is they can save you money on heating costs from month to month and over the course of a year. A new, high efficiency furnace can last a good 20 years while your current furnace might not make it to the end of the season!

Gillece has a selection of some of the most efficient furnaces available when it comes time to replace your aging unit. Because a high efficiency furnace converts most of its energy into heat, it emits less environmental pollution and cuts down on costs. The amount of money you can save depends on the efficiency of your current system compared to that of the new one. The higher the rating a furnace has, the better its efficiency. Gillece provides furnaces with efficiency ratings as high as 98%, meaning that 98% of energy consumed is used for heat. So, when you’re ready to make the switch, or if you need a furnace for a new home, choose a high efficiency furnace and call Gillece! We’ll help you choose the right furnace that will keep you warm this winter and many more to come!