air conditioning unit

Your all-time favorite parrot Gilley is back! Have you noticed how hot it has been in Pittsburgh? I don’t know about you but I’ve already been using my air conditioner. With the weather heating up and the air conditioning season upon us, you should be aware of how to clean your central air conditioner condensate line. It’s so easy, even I can do it and I have talons!

Over time, algae builds up in your air conditioner and eventually can cause a clog in your condensate line. A clogged condensate line backs up and can even cause water to go all over the floor in your home! To avoid any damages from happening to your AC unit or the valuables in your home, learn how to clean your central air conditioner condensate line.

Step 1: Before doing anything, make sure you turn off your AC unit.

Step 2: Locate the condensate line, it is outside near the condenser and it’s about ½ of an inch pipe.

Step 3: Using a wet dry VAC and a special connection piece, connect the wet dry VAC directly to the condensate line.

Step 4: Turn on the wet dry VAC for three minutes. The vacuum will clean out algae and any other debris that have built up in your condensate line.

After those three minutes your condensate line should be cleared and you can continue to use your air conditioning unit with a peace of mind knowing it is clear and safe to use.