Gilley sitting in the cold Air conditioningIt’s been a hot and humid summer in Pittsburgh this year, and while Gilley loves to splash around in the pool and enjoy the warm weather, he also enjoys cooling off indoors to escape the heat. Gilley has relied on central air conditioning to cool him off each day and night, and so far, the air conditioning in his home has been as refreshing as ever. Until one day recently, when Gilley’s air stopped working!

Gilley returned home one evening and noticed the difference right away. His house was warm and the air felt thick, and he realized the air conditioning was not running. When he tried to adjust the thermostat, nothing happened. Gilley needed air conditioning repair fast.

Gilley knew that Gillece Services offers Pittsburgh air conditioning repair and is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week- even on weekends and holidays. He also knew that Gillece HVAC Technicians are skill-certified, licensed professionals who are friendly, courteous, and respectful of customers and their homes. Gilley called Gillece to explain that his air conditioner was suddenly not working- and it was hot!

Soon enough, a Gillece HVAC Technician arrived at Gilley’s home to troubleshoot his air conditioning unit. Along the way, the technician explained to Gilley what might have happened and how he would get to the root of the problem. Could it have been the condenser? The compressor? Or possibly the thermostat? No matter what the problem, Gilley knew Gillece would have a solution.

Sure enough, the Gillece HVAC Technician determined the problem with Gilley’s A/C, and he was immediately ready to provide options for repair. He went over the options with Gilley and explained everything he needed to know, and then work began to get Gilley’s home cool and comfortable once again. Now, Gilley’s air is up and running, his home is a refreshing relief from the heat, and he is confident that his air will continue to work as long as the Pittsburgh heat lasts!