Gilley and electrical safetyWhen it comes to home safety, Gilley doesn’t mess around! He thinks prevention is the best method, and when he notices something that could be a potential hazard, he makes sure to have it inspected or repaired before it’s too late. And that includes all things electrical.  Gilley knows that electrical hazards are often the most dangerous, leading to fire, serious injury, and irreversible damage. For electrical needs- emergency, maintenance, or replacement- Gilley relies on Pittsburgh Electrical Repair.

Gillece Services offers an Electrical Inspection for the entire home to survey outlets, wall plates, light switches, breakers, fuses, and more to ensure the safety and functionality of electrical connections and their given capacity. Gilley makes sure to have his home inspected to address any possible areas of concern before a problem persists. Gillece Electrical also offers Outlet and Switch Plate Replacement specials* to get rid of old, faulty outlets and plates for new, up-to-date ones that will be safe for continual use.

Gilley follows safety rules of his own when it comes to electricity, including: making sure plugs fit tightly into outlets; making sure cords are not frayed or worn; screwing light bulbs firmly into place; checking that switches and wall plates are not hot to the touch; turning off and unplugging appliances that are not used for long periods of time; assuring that electrical capacity is enough to avoid overload; and lots more!

Because Gilley is not a licensed electrician and only has limited knowledge when it comes to electricity, he consults a professional electrician to handle his repairs, installations, upgrades, etc. Electrical Repair calls for experienced Pittsburgh electricians like those at Gillece, who are skill-certified, licensed, and trained. They know all about a home’s electrical needs and how to handle potentially dangerous situations, as well as how to prevent them.

When it comes to your home’s electrical safety, do as Gilley says and “Call Gillece!” We’ve got a home’s electrical needs covered, both indoors and out. For emergency, maintenance, and replacement, Gillece is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Your home’s electrical safety can’t go another day without Gillece!

*Restrictions may apply.