Dr Oz and Water QualityIt may be hard to take another innocent drink of water from your tap or other unfiltered source when you consider all of the chemicals and compounds that are potentially polluting it and then entering your body. Gillece has taken efforts to educate people in Pittsburgh and the Southwestern Pa region about the negative effects associated with poor water quality, and we offer water quality products to help address and prevent those effects. The concern over the water that flows through our faucets is ongoing, but many experts agree that the right water quality product can make a significant impact, in addition to awareness.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who recently visited Pittsburgh, has talked about the dangers of water on his show, and in one episode sat down with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, Lisa Jackson, to discuss the threats associated with our water. Dr. Oz shared his concerns over arsenic, mercury, and fluoride, which may be contaminating our drinking water, in addition to up to 84,000 other chemicals. Arsenic has links to cancers of the lung, kidneys, bladder, liver, and skin. Mercury may also be harmful if found in our water, just as we hear of its dangers in the fish we eat. And while fluoride may have health benefits for our teeth and bones, Jackson said that it’s all about the right amount. Too much fluoride can be damaging, causing a condition called Fluorosis which Dr. Oz addressed. To find out if these pollutants are possible threats to you, you can visit the EPA’s website to track down your neighborhood’s water supplier and also request a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) from your water company.

To fight the effects of potentially harmful materials and other chemicals and microorganisms that might be showing up in your water, Dr. Oz suggests using a reverse osmosis filtration system. Gillece can provide and install this type of filter, which works to remove particles, reduce the presence of chlorine, remove the majority of dissolved solids, and enhance the overall quality of your tap water. This is just one type of water quality product that may be useful for your home depending on your water, the type of pollutants found, and the issues you wish to address. In any case, it’s important to take action against your water before it’s too late!

To view the “How Safe is Your Water?” episode, go to http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/how-safe-your-drinking-water-pt-1 and visit http://gillece.com/water-conditioning/water-quality-overview/ to learn more about water quality issues and solutions.