Gillece Pipe Stent Rehabilitation

Gillece Pipe Stent Rehabilitation: Saving the lives of your pipes!

Is Gillece Pipe Stent Rehabilitation surgery or plumbing?

Both.  Gillece Pipe Stent Rehabilitation is plumbing surgery for old, worn, cracked, rotted, rusted, corroded, leaking, and/or damaged pipes!  Gillece Plumbing Surgeons (Technicians) can perform strategic, long-lasting, pinpointed repairs to your home’s sewer pipelines with little to no digging.  A tube (Pipe Stent) is inserted into a residential sewer pipe lined with a thermosetting resin (Sewer Sealer), which expands and cures to form a tight-fitting liner within the pipe, in other words, a stent within a pipe.

Can my sewer pipe be rehabilitated?

Yes, it can!  Gillece Pipe Stent Rehabilitation is an environmentally-sound, trenchless technology alternative that actually heals and saves the lives of your pipes.  By using the Gillece Pipe Stent Rehabilitation’s pinpointed, trenchless technology surgical method, a homeowner can reduce high costs associated with traditional digging methods of pipe repair that can include replacing sidewalks, pavements, landscaping, etc.  Our unique pipe-saving method also eliminates associated noise, environmental pollution, and disruption and messiness of a major residential dig.

What does Gillece’s Rehabilitating Pipe Stent do?

Our Pipe Stent tube insertion is wrapped with a fiberglass-reinforced liner in order to avoid any potential buckling once cracks, leaks, and related damages are repaired.  This essential design characteristic of the Pipe Stent enables the resin-covered, “cured-in-place” pipe to withstand buckling.  Buckling can occur from excessive water, soil, etc., which causes a pipe to reduce resistance of external pressures.

What does Gillece’s Rehabilitating Sewer Sealer do?

Sewer Sealer is an odorless, non-flammable resin that cures in the presence of water.  With outstanding bonding properties to most materials and resistance to countless chemicals and oils, Sewer Sealer point repair resin seals your sewer lines for long-lasting and maximum effects.  Together, the lining tube (Pipe Stent) and resin (Sewer Sealer) are a powerful combination for healing pipes and deterring potential buckling.