Gillece takes Waterproofing Systems to the next level!  The Proof is in The Results…

Have you seen water in your basement – anything from subtle moist concrete to an actual collective puddle, or more?  Have you seen water gathering in areas on the exterior of your home – near and/or around the home’s perimeter?  Much like any problem – the more you ignore it, the worse it could get.  And, it terms of your home’s inner (basement) and outer lower ground levels, water is the enemy!  Unmanaged, out-of-place water can cause a vast array of loss, expense, and damage.  It can create mold, attract unwanted bugs, ruin precious (sometime irreplaceable) personal items, rot wood, rust metals, destruct the finish of plywood and other laminated materials, and worst of all, affect the very foundation upon which your home is built.

Gillece Services Waterproofing capabilities work to remove these problems and “dry things out,” while our MicroPower Guard Air Cleaner System cleans your entire household’s air quality to an extraordinary level of purification.  With a purposefully designed and strategically installed Gillece Expert French Drain Indoor/Outdoor Waterproofing Systems with MicroPower Guard Air Cleaner – all water and its sources are  discovered, collected, and rerouted to an appropriate, designated location on the outside of your home.  (Interior Waterproofing Systemscome complete with Sump Pump.*)

The MircoPower Guard removes 97% of all particle pollutants as low as .3 micron in size – which is amazing, considering that 98% of all airborne contaminants are indeed actually less than 1 micron in size.  An active electromagnetic field captures the smallest, most submicron airborne particles and guards you from the negative health effects of their inhalation.  Not to mention, most standard air filters can’t capture anything less than 2.5 (and up to 5) micron in size.

Your Gillece Waterproofing System takes all water worries away – your home is protected – and, The Proof is in The Results with an exceptional French Drain Lifetime Warranty!*

*Sump Pump applies to Interior Gillece Waterproofing System only.  Warranty applies to French Drain only.  Estimates available from 8:00a.m.– 7:00p.m. No trip charge.  Single-family residences only.  Residential customers only.  Does not apply to rental/landlord-tenant property.  Does not apply to commercial property.  Additional restrictions may apply.  Please call for complete details. 

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