How old is your furnace?  Boiler?  Water heater?  Are you finding that these major pieces of household equipment require annual repair… or, perhaps they are just not performing up-to-speed?  Well, how would you like the opportunity to purchase a new furnace, or new boiler, or new water heater for performance efficiency and energy efficiency while saving on your utility bills?  And, how would you like all of this, plus… a monetary rebate!  Who wouldn’t?

Gillece Plumbers and HVAC (Heating and Cooling) Technicians are experts at professionally diagnosing major household equipment such as furnaces, boilers, water heaters, etc. when problems arise.  They are often sent out to customers’ homes the same day they call in an effort to figure out how to get the heat back on, the air conditioning started, the water hot again, and so forth.  They are also often faced with educating customers that it may be time for a new furnace, a new boiler, or a new water heater, etc. and will offer sound recommendations with pricing, along with the option of applicant credit-approved financing payment plans.

Sometimes repairs can no longer help a situation and/or the equipment is simply too old and needs replaced.  Other times, it just may be that the customer prefers an energy efficient product for their home.  Either way, the possibility of a new purchase may be in order.  And, here is when you’ll want to check with your local utility companies about potential rebates and offerings in exchange for the purchase of an energy efficient furnace, boiler, water heater, etc.  You can also ask your Gillece Technician for assistance and then come to a mutual decision about what is right for you.

For example, right now, Equitable Gas has what’s called the SAVER Program (Smart Audits & Valuable Energy Rebates) wherein “monetary rebates are available to Equitable Gas residential customers in Pennsylvania who improve the energy efficiency of their homes by purchasing and installing qualified energy efficient natural gas home heating and/or water heating equipment.”*  And, the best part is…  Gillece has qualifying products for this program!  Duquesne Light is now providing an Energy Efficiency Rebate Program for its “residential customers for purchasing and installing energy-saving equipment including dehumidifiers, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioning units, ceiling insulation, programmable thermostats, house fans, indoor and outdoor lighting, pipe wrap, insulation, controls, and pool pumps.”**  Gillece also has qualifying products such as thermostats and A/C units.

If your considering making your home more energy efficient, or are simply in need of an emergency replacement, call and ask your gas company or electric company about the possibility of these rebate programs.  Note:  for most up-to-date programs including their offerings and qualifying products, please visit your utility websites and/or call them directly, as everything is subject to change…  and then – Call Gillece!

*Equitable Gas website

**Duquense Light website