Read what some satisfied Gillece customers are saying!

Did the Job for Only $99 “Have seen all of the commercials saying “Call Gillece” so when I had a backup in my bathtub, who else would I call? They scheduled me for the $99 drain cleaning and I was a little bit skeptical that this was some kind of a come on to get in the door and then be charged more. I was very pleased when the plumber Jeff arrived and was so courteous and professional and all he charged me was the $99. Here’s the kicker: It was 10:00 at night and he wasn’t rushed or irritated, just a true professional. I would like to commend Jeff for a job well done, and I will recommend Gillece to my neighbors or anyone else that asks.” ~ Janet99

Knowledgeable and Professional “I bought an older home that came complete with a giant, ancient furnace. I had many contractors come and estimate on the replacement furnace and AC install. Of all the companies I called, GILLECE was the ONLY one that gave me options for high efficiency. They were the ONLY ones that even cared to tell me about higher electric costs with certain units, they were the only ones that even bothered to explain different types of systems to me, and they were the ONLY ones who recognized instantly the old furnace in my house and knew how to remove it without taking walls down like all the contractors mentioned doing.  Because of GILLECE, I ended up getting something completely different from what I thought I originally wanted, because I hadn’t known there was a difference.  When they came to do the install, they were quick, efficient, and on time. They even worked within my busy schedule. They completely cleaned up after themselves and were 100% professional. They showed me how all the equipment worked and helped me to claim my rebates and tax incentives.  Even though their bid was slightly higher than others, I actually got a MUCH better system than I ever would have simply because GILLECE took the time to explain everything to me and give me options. Plus, they had a bid estimate ready same-day. No other contractor had a bid ready for me until at least a week later because they said it was such a big job. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Best contractor I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with a lot.” ~ LandJJ

Gillece Technicians are timely, courteous, competent, caring, respectable, trustworthy and friendly. Gillece customers have faith in them so much so that they continue to invite them back into their homes for repeat services.  “Trust Your Home to The Experts – Call Gillece!