As you may have heard, scientists at NASA have discovered a new planet that they believe has several similarities to our planet Earth; planet Kepler-22b!  Apparently, the new discovery has a constant, year-round temperature of just about 72 degrees, which not only makes it possibly habitable, but also makes it the nicest place in the universe, temperature-wise, in which to live!  The fact that it is also possible to possess liquid water (according to CNN) is also a major plus wow factor.  And, Kepler-22b is nearly 2 and a half times the size of Earth… so, there’s plenty of real estate in which to habitat.

Well, chances are most, if not all, of us will ever make it to Kepler-22b (well, you never really know…) in our lifetimes.  What we can do – while still here on Earth, while still here in Pittsburgh/Allegheny and its five surrounding counties, while still in our neighborhoods – is Call GilleceGillece Services has been specializing in Kepler-22b-indoor-72 degree-perfect-weather-status for over 30 some years now.  Gillece Heating for warming things up, and Gillece Cooling for cooling things down… and everything in between including Plumbing and Electrical.  So, until we can all move to Kepler-22b for out-of-this-world weather, why not enjoy some heaven right here on Earth with Gillece Services?!  We tame those turbulent Pittsburgh temperatures with the right services, the right products, the best customer care, and the best follow up!

Gilley, “Houston, Pittsburgh, we have a problem!!” – Call Gillece!