We prove our “green” commitment to Pittsburgh area’s customers and environment.

Gillece Services Technicians are trained, timely, trusted, thorough, thoughtful, and GREEN?!  You got that right!!  Gillece Services recently earned the prestigious “Green Screened” Contractor Mark which was bestowed upon all Gillece Services Technicians.  The Green Screened Contractor Mark was awarded to Gillece Services because our Technicians embrace the challenge of protecting our Pittsburgh environment by:

  • educating homeowners about the environmental and savings benefits of having a “green” home comfort system;
  • offering homeowners products and services that can improve the energy efficiency of their home; and,
  • taking an active role in preserving the environment through recycling, reusing, and conserving products and supplies in the office and field.

Owner Tom Gillece, “We pride ourselves in being experts in the Plumbing, Cooling, Heating and Electrical industries within the Pittsburgh and surrounding communities.  And, we have found that while people do need quick and fast service, they are genuinely concerned about how the solution to their problem might affect the environment in a negative way.  At Gillece Services, we are responsible for our actions and their ramifications to our customers and our environmental communities.”

Gillece Services encourages people to save energy and money with up-front, no-cost options including repair and replacement solutions. For example, we educate our customers to the fact that outdated Furnaces and Air Conditioners can potentially waste a tremendous amount of energy and money. That’s precisely the reason we provide an upgrade consideration with cost estimate as an option in addition to repair or maintenance. The choice is up to the customer, but, viable Green-Screened choices will always be provided.

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