What started out as an upsetting morning for a Pittsburgh lady turned into a very pleasant morning to remember.  Overwhelmed by the frustration of trying to get her kitchen sink’s drain to clear for use, she exclaimed out loud in her own home to herself, “Oh, I don’t know what to do.  Please tell me what to do!”  Almost as if it was purposefully planned just for her, on came a Gillece television commercial with me, Gilley – reminding her to “Call Gillece!” for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical services.

Well, she did just that.  After intently listening to the commercial and jotting down Gillece’s phone number, she gave us a call.  Her call was directed to Gillece Service Headquarters in Bridgeville, PA, where a helpful Customer Service Specialist took down her information.  From there, her service needs were routed to Gillece Operations Department who sent out a skilled Gillece Plumbing Technician located in close proximity to her home.  Gerry, one of Gillece’s trained and experienced Gillece Plumbing Technicians was on his way to save her day!

Gillece Services plumbing technician
Gerry, Gillece Plumbing Technician (Plumber)

Gerry the Plumber showed up at her home during his designated scheduled time with a van full of everything he needs, put on his shoe cover booties, and identified himself as he greeted her, prior to entering her home.  From there, he got right to work, describing what exactly he would be doing and quoting the price of the work upfront.  Then, he worked to snake the drain and clear the clog of the kitchen sink that had proven to be so troublesome to her.  And, all was back to normal.

The Pittsburgh lady turned Gillece customer was delighted and quite grateful.  Gerry was happy that she was happy and left her with a Gillece magnet for $30 off her next service call, as she had mentioned she may need some upcoming furnace services.  Just as Gerry was heading out the door and walking towards his Gillece van, he heard her yell from her front door, “CALL GILLECE!!!”