Hey Pittsburgh!  Don’t wait another minute for that new furnace or water heater or any other Plumbing, Heating, Cooling or Electrical home improvement for that matter! Why?  Gillece Services helps local Pittsburgh and surrounding area customers with customized Financing Option programs.  We know that times are tough and that unexpected and unplanned-for home emergencies are usually nothing short of an immediate necessity, which is why we are offering Financing Options for customers who simply just cannot afford unintended-for repairs or much needed improvements.  Says Owner and President, Tom Gillece, “If a customer happens to be financially ready or just plain lucky, they may get a small window of time to research for and budget for these types of emergencies or planned improvements.  More often, this is not the case.  And, with our customer friendly Financing Options, we can help.”

Over the years, Gillece Services has grown our reputation of making things happen for customers when they need them to happen by helping to make making the right decision affordable.  Our Financing Options are evidence of these efforts.  We are proud to be one of the few local Pittsburgh market leaders in customer Financing Options for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical solutions, and prove this by having strong relationships with more than one top financial banking institution that support our customer’s options to finance.  Our Financing Options include a selection of payment plans capable of meeting your immediate needs (upon credit approval), no matter how big – thereby, allowing your repair or replacement work to get done as soon as possible in order to restore an operational, functioning household.

And, we make the application process for customer Financing Options fast and simple.  While our Gillece Services Technician is at your home, s/he will ask you to simply complete and sign a credit application for verification and approval processing.  The application is then phoned in over a secure and confidential phone line for instant approval while on-site.  If approval is denied, another financial institution may be requested for approval and the process starts over.  Once approved, a selection of supportive, consumer friendly payment plans are presented by our Gillece Services Technician, including 6 to 12 Months Interest-Free (deferred interest) programs, and lengthier, extended plans that offer a reduced interest rate over a longer time frame, such as 36 to 48 months.

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