fall maintenance

Everyone looks forward to football season, hot apple cider and Halloween festivities. It is only natural to get wrapped up in all of the fall fun. However, among the haunted houses and the carving of pumpkins, it is important to make sure your home is prepared for the cooler weather yet to come.

With all of the colorful leaves falling this autumn, be sure to clean out your gutters and rinse them with water. This will help prevent snow and water turning into ice, causing damage to exterior surfaces and water in your basement, resulting in one stressful job for you. This is also a great time to inspect that all of the brackets on your gutters are secure. If you hate the hassle of cleaning your gutters, cover the top of your gutters with mesh guards to keep the leaves and other unwanted debris out.

Your home might be built on a strong foundation, but that doesn’t mean your home is free from cracks. Check for cracks in the foundation and use caulk to seal these cracks. Caulking is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to prevent mold and water from getting into your home. Be sure to inspect areas around windows and door frames, the entrance point of pipes and wires and where building materials meet the siding. These are the most common places where cracks can occur.

While caulking your windows, use this opportunity to install storm windows to keep the cold air out. Remember to remove and repair your screens while you are at it. An alternative to installing storm windows is attaching plastic to the outside of your windows. Although this might not be as effective as the storm windows and is not very attractive, it will keep cold drafts from entering your home – keeping you and your family warm.

Don’t get fooled by what you can’t see. Grab that ladder and head up to the roof of your home. Make sure all of the shingles are in place and are not loose. Severe snow and rain can put wear and tear on your roof casing damage. The last thing you want to deal with is a leaking roof on the holidays.

The harsh winter that the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting, you will be using your heating system a great deal this winter. Save yourself and your family from walking around in your home in coats and inspect your heater now. Cleaning and replacing your furnace filter will give you a warmer home and cleaner air. Don’t hesitate to have your heater repaired or updated if needed. This winter, a warm home will be a happy home.

Taking the proper steps now to ensure your home is ready for winter can save you some serious problems this cold season. Enjoy fall, but remember, winter is coming. Call Gillece Services if you think your home is not prepared for winter. Gillece Services can provide a solution to your heating and waterproofing needs you might need for this winter. Call today!