Is it time to upgrade your electrical (circuit breaker) panel?

Are you adding more electrical appliances to your home?  Are you adding more people? Adding more electrical outlets?   Beginning a major renovation or addition?  Is your electrical panel box making noises or crackling sounds?  Are you frequently blowing fuses?  Circuit breaker trip regularly?

Your electrical (circuit breaker) panel is the very heart of your home.  Like the veins and arteries that carry much needed blood to your body’s organs and limbs, circuits and wires carry the much needed electricity that powers your televisions, computers, refrigerators… virtually all major and minor electrical appliances both inside and outside of your home, etc.  And, just as your heart needs taken care of in order to keep blood pumping, your electrical panel needs maintenance in order to keep electricity pumping.

Your home electrical panel requires the right load (amount) of electricity to meet the electrical demand of you and your family’s environment.  An electrical panel usually provides between 100 and 200 amps of power to your home, depending on your home’s load demand.  A 100-amp electrical panel in a standard-sized home equipped with few major appliances will suffice, while a much larger home with many more appliances may require up to a 200-amp electrical panel.  Overloaded circuits can trip breakers, shutting down the flow of electrical power.  As you add more people, more appliances, and/or more electrical devices to your home, you’ll need more electricity.  With demand, should come supply!

Always call a professional Gillece Services Electrician to evaluate your needs and upgrade your current electrical panel.  A licensed, professional Gillece Services Electrician is the best person to conduct a review and make an appropriate recommendation for your electrical panel; and then, upgrade or replace your panel.  It’s always best to not leave this type of assessment up to your own personal judgment and skills.  Gillece Services has the power to keep you and your family comfortable, productive and secure.

So, don’t get left out in the dark. Gillece Services has all of your solutions.  Call Gillece – we’re “Always There to Take Your Call!”