electrician installing smoke detector.

It’s important that every home have an electrical safety inspection. From inspecting the service panel to testing smoke detectors, licensed and certified electricians will ensure that not only you and your family will be safe, but that your costly major appliances and electronics will be safe from any damages caused by electrical mishaps.

During a general safety inspection, the electrician will check the service equipment including the panel and exterior service cable to make sure it is up to code and is safe. During the inspection, the electrician will check for grounding including the water line ground, ground rods and branch circuit grounding.

The electrician will also meter the panel for proper voltage. Depending on the age, condition, and manufacturer, the breakers will be exercised. Since you depend on the smoke detectors in your home for your family’s safety, these will be tested and checked during an electrical safety inspection. The electrician will make sure that there is one in each bedroom and one on every level of the home – some additional smoke detectors may be required depending on the size of the house.

If there are any GFCI outlets in the home, they will be checked and tested for safety purposes. GFCI outlets should be placed in any location where water is present. The electrician will check for GFCI protection in all of the following required areas: kitchen, bathroom, garage, unfinished basement, exterior, laundry and all outlets within six inches of a sink.

You should have an electrical inspection if you’ve recently purchased a home, regardless of age, if your home is 40 years old or older, if you are adding a major appliance or if you are renovating or putting an addition onto your house.