And, a Good Chance of Spoiling Your Household Plans…

A Western Pennsylvania summer – transitioning into fall – can be unpredictably stormy to say the least.  We’ve all been witness to this lately.  Gusty, forceful winds with strong lightning can wreak havoc on electrical lines that keep your electricity flowing, your home powered, your life operating smoothly, and your family’s lights on!

Nothing can impede your plans like the immediate loss of electricity.  Whether it is the result of Mother Nature or a car-to-pole accident or an unannounced, unscheduled electric company repair… a sudden power outrage can bring life to a virtual standstill.  What if Gillece Services told you that you never had to lose electricity again… all without lifting a finger? It’s true; Gillece Services Electricians have the knowledge and capability needed to install and service top-quality residential power generators.

Our quick, efficient and quietly generated electricity systems mean you never ever have to experience the loss of electricity again.  And, Gillece generators are special-ordered; tailored to meet the specific needs of your household.  Powered with natural gas, our generators activate automatically within 10 seconds of a power loss and can run for weeks on end. They are reliable and award-winning, restore power within seconds, provide a powerful performance, are corrosion proof and self-testing, supply a hands-off operation… so, you never have to lift a finger to make them work.

Gillece’s own General Manager, Mr. Joe Benz can personally vouch for the value and security of having a Gillece professionally-installed, superior quality generator… which was his answer to Mother Nature’s mood swing during Pittsburgh’s 2010 fierce, record-breaking snowstorm.  Explains Joe, “It had been snowing terribly and I didn’t even realize that the electricity was out and our generator had actually kicked on.  It was so quiet and unnoticeable.  Soon, I observed that our neighbors’ electricity was out and that indeed our generator had nearly immediately restored our electricity, so much so that we did not sense a loss in electricity at all.  And then, well, being a good neighbor, I was actually able to share my generator with the family next door to give them a little heat.  It was like nothing had ever happened!”

So, forget the forecast; Gillece has got you covered!  Keep the game on, the coffee brewing, the laundry washing…whatever the weather is doing, it doesn’t matter! At the very first sign of a power outage, a Gillece generator will quickly and quietly take over…

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