Holiday lights and decor – both indoor and outdoor, family visiting and staying over at home, elaborate cooking and baking, keeping the heat turned up for comfort, running more and more electrical appliances in general……  before you know it, your electrical panel is on overload!  Lights out!  And, then some.  Seasonal lighted or animated decorations require electricity, more household members require electricity, keeping everyone warm and safe inside your home requires electricity, and running more appliances in general – dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, space heaters, room humidifiers, etc. – all require electricity.  Is your home’s electrical panel ready for this holiday season’s demanded increase?

Your home’s electrical panel requires the right amount of electricity to meet the electrical demand of you and your family’s environment, especially when demand is up during the holiday season.  A typical household’s electrical panel usually provides between 100 and 200 amps of power to a home, depending on the home’s load demand.  A 100-amp electrical panel in a standard-sized home equipped with few major appliances will suffice, while a much larger home with many more appliances may require up to a 200-amp electrical panel.

The rise in electrical demands in your home during the holiday season can create overloaded circuits which can trip breakers, shutting down the flow of electricity associated with your electrical panel.  As you begin to add more people, add more appliances, add more electrical devices to your home, etc… you’ll also need more electrical capacity.

Keep the holidays happy!  Don’t let seasonal décor and other related factors overload your electrical panel and undermine your holiday plans – Gilley says, “Just Call Gillece!.”