An electrical system can be one of the most complex yet vital parts of your home. Serious problems can lead to electrical fires and shocks. In order to make sure you and your family stay safe in your home, hiring a licensed electrician is the answer to providing safe and reliable service.

So what are the most common home electrical problems?

1. Power Surges
Power Surges are one of the most common home electrical problems. These are caused by lightning strikes and circuit overloads. Most of the time that these occur, they are out of our control. Using a power strip or surge protector for your electronics and appliances is the best way to avoid the risk of surges.

2. Circuit Overloads
Another common home electrical problem is overloading circuits. Stop and think about how many devices you have plugged into your outlets. Circuits obviously become strained due to overuse. Many home’s electrical wiring is built so that numerous outlets in a room can draw power from the same circuit. The circuit may them become strained to the point where it overloads. Minimize the amount of devices you have going into a single outlet to avoid overloading circuits. Or call an electrician to distribute the wiring so it is not just relying on a single circuit.

3. Loose Wiring
A serious problem that could occur in your home is loose wiring. There can be a risk of electrical fires when wires are frayed or exposed. The safest and easiest way to fix this is to call a professional electrician who will be able to locate the wire and remove the damaged section.

4. Excessive Wiring
Another problem that can be found is excessive wiring. This happens prominently in older homes. If you look behind your walls you may find wires that don’t seem to go anywhere. In order to make sure that more serious problems don’t come up, the wiring will have to be followed to make sure it has a purpose, is properly connected and of course is damage-free.

5. Dead Outlets
Another problem that can occur in your home is when a set of outlets of lights simply don’t work. Sometimes half of an outlet works while the other doesn’t. The root cause of the dead outlet is not always the same. An appropriate fix may vary depending on the specific situation. Resetting the outlet might do the trick but sometimes an electrician should check to see if there isn’t more to the problem.

When you have an electrical emergency, when the power goes out for no apparent reason, when you need lighting installed, or when your outlets need replaced, call Gillece for a professional licensed electrician. We can handle any and all electrical work to make sure your home is safe and functional.