Gillece Reviews Customer’s Sewer Line Problems

Gillece Reviews customer sewer and plumbing issues.Gillece Customer Deborah is “Satisfied for Life!”

Gillece customer Deborah shared her experience in a letter about the excellent service she received from Gillece in May. Deborah had called Gillece in response to a television promotion after her basement laundry room had been frequently experiencing sewer problems. Deborah remarked that a nice Customer Service Representative answered her call and took her information. Then, she received a call from one of the Gillece Technicians, Mike, who would be coming to her home to assess her sewer problem.

Mike arrived at Deborah’s home with equipment in hand, including a sewer camera for seeing deep into the sewer line. He allowed Deborah to look through the sewer camera, as well, which Deborah said was the coolest thing she’d ever seen! However, Deborah was shocked, as she’d only expected a minor clog. Instead, the image showed cracks, breaks, and vines growing in the sewer line. Deborah said that Mike explained everything to her and made her feel better about the situation. Then, he sat down with her to go over her options for repair as well as the cost for each.

After learning her options, Deborah called her husband and explained what was happening. She put Mike on the phone to speak with her husband, too, and as Deborah put it, Mike was “awesome.” She said she felt like she and her husband were in good hands, that the process was understandable, and that Mike was very knowledgeable.

Once Deborah and her husband chose a repair plan and got approved for Gillece financing, work began. Another technician, Jeff, arrived at Deborah’s home along with his assistant. “They were wonderful,” Deborah said. She said they explained each step of the process along the way, and Deborah took pictures of their work.

Soon, work was complete and Deborah was left feeling satisfied and grateful for all Gillece did for her home. She praised Mike and Jeff for their work as well as the great customer service she’d received, and now she calls herself “a satisfied customer for life!”